EXAIR’s New Catalog 29 Features new Static Eliminators, new nozzles, and new Air Knife upgrades.

EXAIR’s new 192 page full color catalog offers solutions to common industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning, coating and static electricity problems.

EXAIR’s new catalog has 192 full color pages that are packed with compressed air solutions to many common production line problems. Changes in the new catalog include upgraded Static Eliminators, new compressed air nozzles, and new hardware for Super Air Knives.

The Ion Air Gun, Ion Air Cannon, Ion Air Jet, Ionizing Point, and Super Ion Air Wipe all include armored and electromagnetically shielded cable with an integrated ground that eliminates the need for a separate grounding connection. They also all include a new switchable power supply that can work on a 115V or 230V source. All are UL Component Recognized to U.S. and Canadian safety standards and are CE and RoHS compliant.

For cleaning out pipes, tubes, or channels as small as 1/4" (6.3mm), EXAIR has engineered the M4 Back Blow Air Nozzle. Made of durable Type 316 Stainless Steel, this small nozzle is ideal for clearing debris out of areas where it would be impractical or dangerous to eject the material away from the operator.

Also included is a newly developed stainless steel plumbing kit for EXAIR’s longer stainless steel Air Knives. The cut to length stainless steel piping and fittings provide optimum performance for EXAIR Air Knives.

EXAIR products help companies conserve compressed air, reduce dangerous noise levels and eliminate harmful dead end pressures. Detailed technical explanations, performance data, application photos and dimensional drawings are provided for each product. A price list is also included.

EXAIR's new Catalog 29 features new Static Eliminators, new air nozzles, and new Air Knife upgrades!