Yellowstone Landscape Launches Safety Works Program

Yellowstone Landscape is pleased to announce they have launched a new Safety Works program in order to protect the safety of their employees, as well as their clients. Landscaping can be dangerous work and it is their goal to make sure all necessary safety measures are taken to prevent accidents.

To help promote safe work practices, the new Safety Works program encourages employees to work safely by offering an incentive. Those who have a good safety track record can earn recognition within the company. The program works by encouraging their employees to take pictures of their safe work practices and submit them to the company, along with a description of what they did safely and the date and location of the image. These pictures will be shared with the entire company.

Safety is a priority when it comes to landscaping work. Yellowstone Landscape wanted to encourage their employees to use safe work practices at every job. The new Safety Works program was designed to promote safety and give employees a reason to share their experiences in exchange for recognition.

Anyone interested in learning about the new Safety Works program can find out more by visiting the Yellowstone Landscape website or by calling 1-877-785-6685.

About Yellowstone Landscape : Yellowstone Landscape is a landscaping company serving Florida and other nearby areas, providing homeowners and commercial properties with the landscaping services they need. They offer landscaping maintenance and installation, as well as tree care and irrigation systems. They take great pride in the quality of their work and make safety a top priority.


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