Beverage and Wine Plastic PET Bottle Safety Testing Instrument- Torque Tester

With the wider application of plastic PET bottle in beverage and wine packaging, the quality of soft drinks, soda, wine and many other products depends on the quality of their packages. Digital torque tester is applicable in the test of open and lock forces of bottle caps. The open and lock forces of bottle caps are important online or offline technical parameters of production, and will influence the transportation and consumption of the products. It is also one of the main factors affecting the sealing performance. Over torque force would bring great difficulties for open and winding up of bottle cup, and thus, reduce the convenience. Insufficient torque force would affect the seal performance of the container, and may further result in the leakage during transportation.

NJY-20 Torque Tester is the professional instrument for the evaluation of lock and open forces with high precision and excellent stability. It is a necessity for manufacturing process. This tester complies with many relevant international standards, including ASTM D 2063, ASTM D 3198, ASTM D 3474, GB/T 17876, BB/T 0025 and BB/T 0034(GB/T 14803), etc.

This instrument for beverage and wine is operated by minicomputer, portable in size and convenient in operation. It’s of lock force and open force modes that can preset testing times and record testing data continuously. It peak value is kept automatically. Meanwhile, this instrument pre-installs the Access for great amount of data storage as well as functions of deletion and statistics. Moreover, the distinguished aspect for this instrument is its parameter keeping function during power failure. Its rapid and effective performance facilitates the quality control of PET plastic bottles for the beverage and wine enterprises, so as to better control the product quality.

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