Owning Airwheel Z series electric balance hoverboards, daily commuting can also be elegant and wonderful

Living and working in a big city is not easy to a large extent. The eight hour staying in the office consumes most of their energy but it is really a tragedy to face the crowded traffic. After suffering the traffic congestion, they have already exhausted. Perhaps, some of them try to move to the apartment nearby the company, but it is not so easy. The best way is to prepare a portable vehicle, Airwheel Z3 or Z5.

If you want to escape the current situation and make your work more efficient, you must reasonably combine different transporting vehicles. No matter it is Z3 or Z5, as the foldable electric scooters, can be matched to most of the devices, such as buses, subways or cars.

Speaking of the folding system, it must be easy and spend less time. Airwheel Z3 2 wheels electrics hoverboards has three places can be folded, the pedals, operating rod and the connection part between the pedals and the front wheel. Only few seconds can finish the folding process; Z5 also owns multiple folding joints and most of them adopt the concealed design. Through simple lifting and pulling, Z5 can be folded. Besides, it does not need much strength.

Safety should be the key issue for people who driving in the roads. Airwheel Z3 or Z5 electric scooter, small and tiny, can safely cross narrow pavement. If you always work overtime, Z5 will be a better one for you. During night driving, the intelligent braking taillight can be light up to warm the rear people or vehicles. Meanwhile, the headlight is also helpful for you to know the road conditions in front of you.

Last but not the least, the endurance of Airwheel Z3 or Z5 can be lengthened since they adopts the modular battery design. Except work, you can enjoy a exiting riding in the park by riding Airwheel Z3 or Z5.

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