Have Low carbon Trips with Airwheel Eco Friendly personal transportation electric hoverboard

More and more people start seeking life quality, hoping that natural ecology and urban environmental protection will be greatly improved. In the past, we can always see stars shining in a clear night. Today, however, the dimmed starlight is barely noticeable. Therefore, stars can be the intuitive standard for eco-environment governance achievements. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter hopes to do its bit for environmental protection, changing the ways of getting around for urban residents by launching green electric scooters to achieve low-carbon transportation of the whole city.

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Instead of being restricted to low-carbon and environmental protection, Airwheel intelligent personal transportation electric hoverboard starts from the details, deeply solve the outing pressure people might come up against. Only in this way, more people will be called on to spontaneously join in the low-carbon trips. Airwheel electric mobility scooter, driven by electricity, drives magnetic levitation motor and moves itself forward. So it doesn’t require energy consumption of the rider and helps thousands of lazy people to go out in a low-carbon, quick and easy way.

For office workers, it is the low-carbon magical vehicle that cope with the “last 5 kilometers” between metro station or bus station and home or company, for instance the extremely light and portable E series of battery operated bicycle and Z series of standing up electric scooter. Airwheel reduces repeatedly transfers and greatly improves the efficiency. There will be no worry for being late for work anymore.

Under the lead of its brand statement, the core team of technology group actively uses new technology, new materials and new crafts, and keep continuous innovations to make intelligent electric transportation products of high quality and safety performance, such as the Airwheel C5 is an intelligent helmet for road safety as well as for recreation.

To be more innovative, safer, more intelligent, cooler, lower carbon and more environmentally protective, Airwheel green electric scooter will make the blue sky, white clouds and twinkle stars become ordinary scenes.

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