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What Is The Future Of Television?

Day by day technology is changing our preferences how we want to be entertained and there are so many options available in the entertainment world to choose from. Before the launch of the Television, radio was the only source of enjoyment for the people. Then the Television came into the market and with its audio visual effect it slowly replaced the radios. From the black and white TVs to latest 3D TVs, the industry has changed a lot. I myself observed the evolution of the Television broadcast industry. Before in 1980s there were only one or two channels which used o be broadcasted on the Television.

But with the passage of time more and more channels were introduced and now we have hundreds and thousands of options to choose from and watch. But with the advent of the internet the popularity of the Television has started to shrink especially in the last 5 years. Even the recent studies have shown that after 2015 the popularity of the Television is continuously declining, and it is major threat to the future of the cable industry. Streaming services have started to shift the huge viewers base of Television towards itself and continuously threatening its survival.

Why the popularity of Television is declining:

Some of the major threats to the survival of the Television industry are listed below:

1: Presence of alternative Media channels: With the digital revolution now, more options are available for the viewers, they can choose to watch any show or movie or sport according to their mood. Whereas the Television provide the limited shows with fix prices and fixed timing of shows. That is the reason why the users are continuously shifting to online channels. Numerous concerts and shows can be stream online on YouTube, even the news channels like bbc live streaming is becoming more and more popular on facebook which is the major threat to the survival of satellite and cable television.

2: Time consumption: Well, after the launch of the internet, people are getting faster service as compared to that of Television. Even if we talk about the series that we watch on Television, then the most irritating part is the advertisement break that comes after every five minutes of episode. And apps like Netflix, Amazon prime or Voot, they are streaming the series without any advertisements and even some apps are there which are offering the live streaming of the TV series and that is the reason why viewers are shifting from Television to the online streaming applications.


3. Not easily accessible outside the homes: Even online streaming apps are easily accessible as compared to television. You can watch any movie, series, sports or even news on any device like mobile phone or laptop screen. You can sit in the lawn and you can access to the movies there which is not possible in case of Television. So, in this fast moving world, Television is definitely lacking behind especially amongst the youngsters.

No doubt there is a potential threat to the survival of the Television and more and more innovation is needed to be done in this industry to keep growing its popularity and maintain the viewers base. Companies like Song, Apple are launching the smart television which runs on internet rather than old cable and satellite techniques.

And what exactly is Smart Time? And how they differ from old television sets? While regular television have been around from decades and they do simply do one thing: they receive the signal and telecast the shows and movies on TV screen. Whereas, the smart television provides the viewers with internet connection same as that of mobile phones and laptops and applications like Netflix, Amazon prime etc can be streamed on the Television screen. And even we can get access to the social media sites using the Television. Moreover the new models of the Television are equipped with the voice recognition tools that can connect to Alexa or Goggle Assistant and can command easily without remotes. 3D television sets are also coming to market.

Although these devices are little more expensive nowadays but when more companies will bring the same technology in their television sets then obviously it will gain more popularity and prices will go down. More and more interesting features should be incorporated inside the television sets in order to cut the competition.