I HEART Pitchengine!

And why you should, too.

First of all,this is not an actual news release. This is actually my blog post for the evening coming to you live from a social media release (SMR). Yes, I'm here to tell you about social media releases through a social media release. Call me crazy.

I'm using PitchEngine (http://pitchengine.com) because it's one of my favorite tools. As a public relations professional, from now on (unless a reporter tells me he/she hates it) this is how I'm distributing information.

Pitchengine is an awesome (and FREE) tool which makes life for the media (no matter which side you're on) a little easier.

NOTE: If you take a look at my page and like it, there is an annual fee (but so worth it) where all of my releases are archived...indefinitely. I can also customize it and the COOLEST thing is that if a reporter or blogger likes what I pitch, they can SUBSCRIBE to my releases via RSS.

(If you use the free version, your SMRs only stay live for 30 days. Which is still cool.)

A quick overview...

In the left hand column I included links to some fun social media "how to" videos. If this were an actual news release, I would include a video about my company or client or link to a recent expert podcast. The audio/video area is great to give reporters sound bites and additional resources. This is especially great for bloggers.

I've also posted some random pictures and the Pitchengine logo. This is the perfect opportunity to take your photo pitches to an entirely new level. You can even use this area as a fully functioning press kit photo system. Yes, you may just catch the eye of that blogger you've been foaming at the mouth over.

Even cooler still... Anyone who reads your release has the option to share it on any social networks they belong to. You'll notice at the bottom of this release, there are links to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, etc...

And if all of this isn't enough... The right hand column is dedicated entirely to your brand. You can include your logo, your boilerplate (or company/brand description) and all of your contact information--INCLUDING your social network info. That was obviously what sold me. LOL!

It is my humble opinion that this tool is taking media relations to an entirely new (and better) level. Information will be delivered in an experiential way engaging us in our communities--sparking new conversations.

If you've read this far, I'm impressed. If this were an actual SMR I'd be in big trouble. WAY too long. Questions about social media releases or Pitchengine? Let me know. If I don't have the answer, I certainly know people who do.

And, last but not least, if you decide to register for the annual subscription, please let me know. I want to give you a public "high five" for being a trendsetter in social media.