New York City Restaurant Industry Roundtable Honors Restaurants with Exceptional Workplace Award and Dining Guide, July 7

New York City Restaurant Industry Roundtable Honors Restaurants with Exceptional Workplace Award and Dining Guide, July 7

New York City: Launching to coincide with NYC Restaurant Week, the New York City Restaurant Industry (NYCRI) Roundtable is honoring a prestigious group of 7 restaurants with the first annual Exceptional Workplace Awards. Also released will be "The New York City Diner's Guide to High Road Restaurants," a consumer's guide to restaurants that go above and beyond city and state law requirements to support the rights and provide benefits for restaurant industry employees. The award winning restaurants are: One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Colors, Crema, La Palapa, Raw Soul, K-Dog and Dune Buggy, and Las Chicas Locas.

The awards breakfast will be held on Tuesday, July 7th from 10am - 12pm at One if by Land, Two if by Sea at 17 Barrow Street (4th St & 7th Ave S). Speakers Include: Scott M. Stringer, Manhattan Borough President and Daniel R. Garodnick, New York City Council.

Rekha Eanni-Rodriguez, the Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY), says that "The Exceptional Workplace Award and identifying window stickers are going to the restaurants who have signed the NYCRI Code of Conduct, and will indicate to customers that these restaurants are voluntarily prioritizing the well-being and rights of their employees, and are proactive models for the entire industry." The Code of Conduct outlines restaurants work toward providing health benefits and paid sick days for workers, making employee training manuals available in multiple languages, and maintaining a nondiscriminatory work environment and promotions process, among others.

Restaurant owner Barbara Sibley of La Palapa says "As a Roundtable members, our role is to improve our businesses and the restaurant industry altogether. I decided to sign the Roundtable's code of conduct, as good labor practices ultimately benefit me as a business owner. My safe and healthy environment translates into better food, customer safety, better service, happier workers, less turnover and training time, and ultimately, customers notice. Taking the high road is not only the right thing to do, but I've found that it truly helps my bottom line."

National bestselling author and sustainable and fair food advocate Anna Lappé says, "The dining guide and stickers are a powerful tool for all of us who care about the health and safety not only of our food but also of workers in the food industry. When I go out to eat, my food tastes better when I know workers basic rights are being honored. The NYC Restaurant Industry Roundtable & ROC will help me identify which restaurants to celebrate and patron - I look forward to digging in."

Media are invited to the awards breakfast and diner's guide release. RSVPs are encouraged to the press contact above, but are not mandatory.


The NYC Restaurant Industry Roundtable (NYCRI) is a collaboration between restaurant owners, workers, government agencies and city officials, and ROC-NY, that brings together over 45 restaurant owners, workers, government agencies, and city officials to improve conditions for all workers and owners in New York City restaurants. They meet quarterly to provide services, strategies, and information to help business owners take the high road to profitability by retaining long-term loyal, dedicated, healthy, and well-trained employees.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY), co-sponsors of the NYC Restaurant Industry Roundtable, is dedicated to winning improved conditions for NYC's over 165,000 restaurant workers and raising public recognition of restaurant workers'' contributions to the city. Founded after September 11th, 2001 to provide support to restaurant workers displaced as a result of the World Trade Center tragedy, their membership consists of 3200 restaurant workers and their families from all parts of the world and from all different sectors of this nation''s fastest growing industry.