Choosing a Local Bar

Supporting locally owned businesses means constantly looking for new places to frequent. Finding a neighborhood bar in Alpharetta, GA, that keeps you coming back may be difficult. After all, if every bar were a good fit, then they would all be exactly the same and would have nothing to bring in a unique clientele. However, any bar that checks off the following items, is worth supporting.


Supporting a bar often means that you're supporting the community that it resides in. Many local bars support the community by purchasing from local farmers and artists and creating network opportunities for them. Some even donate to local organizations to ensure that they can continue to do good in the community. It is important to support business that seek to do good in the community, so that money is constantly being back into the neighborhood. A bar that cares about its neighborhood, cares about its customers.

Size and Crowd

When a bar is considered local, it does not mean that it is small. Some local bars are housed in large buildings and bring in crowds that fill those large locations most nights. It is important to ensure that the bar you select fits your mood. If you are just looking to have a glass of wine and relax, a large and crowded bar probably is not the way to go. Similarly, if you are looking to have a modest night out with a group of friends, a bar frequented by the college crowd probably is not a good choice either.

Cocktails and Food

Bars usually have their own in-house cocktail creations that you cannot get anywhere else. Finding out what these are ahead of time can be beneficial as well. After all, who does not like trying something new when they go out? Getting a good feel for the new and different cocktails can also give you an excuse to come back in the future.

Similarly, a neighborhood bar in Alpharetta GA will likely have its own unique culinary creations to compliment the drinks it serves. However, some bars do not serve full meals, many just serve bar snacks and small plates. If you often eat with a few drinks, then a bar that offers small plates may not be a good fit. However, if the bar is not your final stop of the night, you my find the small plates perfect.