RMI Book and Video to be Showcased at Greenbuild 2010 Highlight Opportunity to Address Climate Change

Green building pioneer Greg Franta's vision for high performance buildings lives on in a new book and video to debut at industry conference

Snowmass, Colo., - Today, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released two new resources-a book, "Cooling the Warming, the Connection Between Climate Change and Built Environment," and video, "High Performance by Integrated Design"-aimed at building professionals who play a pivotal role in solving issues of national security, energy supply and climate change.

The video will be showcased this week at the Greenbuild 2010 International Conference and Expo. It will also be featured in the traveling film festival in 2011.

Both projects were initiated by renowned architect and sustainable development pioneer Greg Franta, FAIA, prior to his passing in 2008. Franta, instrumental to RMI's buildings practice, provided design and consulting services over the course of his career to over 800 projects globally (many of which are considered the most efficient in the world), and was a key participant in developing the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system. Franta is best known for his greening of the White House under President William J. Clinton and his work to help develop the retrofit design of the Empire State Building.

"Greg did a lot of good in his all too short life," said President William J. Clinton in a statement he wrote for the book's preface, "and he left us inspiration for the challenges that remain."

The book and video share many of the ideas and design principles that Franta helped define with a community of industry professionals working to achieve radically energy efficient, cost competitive and comfortable buildings.

"Greg was full of knowledge on how to design high performance buildings, and this book and video are part of his vision to get this information to the practitioners who make sustainable design into reality" said RMI Principal Victor Olgyay.

About the Book
In "Cooling the Warming, the Connection Between Climate Change and the Built Environment," Franta describes the journey to the current climate crisis and articulates a vision for how decisions made about the built environment can solve many of the interconnected issues surrounding global climate change.

About the Film
"High Performance by Integrative Design," the second film in RMI's "High Performance Building" series, follows six design teams as they strive to create higher-performing buildings using integrative design processes. Viewers can see the design process unfold on successful projects such as the Empire State Building, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Chicago Botanic Garden.


About RMI
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