Positive Affirmations: The Best Helping Hands For Your Success


Affirmations are self made short sentences which are often used for bringing changes in behavior or abandoning the blocks that hinder you achieving your goals or avert you from being happy. Whether you believe it or not; they exist and play role in your life.  They can either be positive affirmations or negative affirmations but they are there. Whenever you tell yourself that you are unable to do something or you are too heavy/ugly/old/slow to do something that you are going to do, you are actually reinforcing that belief by using a negative affirmation. On the other hand, positive affirmations let you counteract those thoughts.

Positive affirmations are used to eradicate the thoughts that let you behave in a negative sense and enable you to put your potentials in the right direction to achieve your goals. Thinking about winning a race without starting running or stopping right in the midst is nothing but an absurd.  To be very realistic, we feel free to criticize others on their negative behaviors and never muster up the courage to admit that we also have certain negative behaviors.  We even deny the power of positive affirmations because we don’t make their proper use in our life. A fellow who hasn’t got promotion since long is lazy for us but are we willing to confess that we also haven’t tried for a position for which we deserve more than others.

If we peep into our own past, we’ll discover that there had been many tasks that we completed by dint of our will power. In other words, we had made use of our positive affirmations to achieve those goals. We had been encouraging to ourselves and through the continuous use of the power of positive affirmations like ‘I can do it’, ‘it’s an easy task for me’, ‘I am better than others’, ‘there is nothing difficult for me in this type of work’, ‘I am able enough to solve this problem’, ‘this is the best chance to express my abilities and potentials’, ‘I can prove myself’ and many others.

More often than not, the habit of making use of our positive affirmations fades away and we tend to make less use of our affirmations but we should keep this thing in mind that the power of positive affirmations is always there and it emerges out only when we fully believe in our abilities and make best use of them. If you had been in a habit of making use of your positive affirmations then you must be aware of the power of positive affirmations because you cannot taste a banana unless you peel it off.In a nut shell, positive affirmations prove as a helping hand and a vital support to keep you firm and rigid through thick and thin.


the power of positive affirmations keep you stand and enable you to face all the challenges and hardships that hinder your way to success. The thing needed is to recognize and use the best affirmation statement for you according to the situation.