Skid Steer Attachment Review-Grader Rakes

This Skid Steer Attachment Has You Ready For Spring

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(BELLINGHAM, WA)—A skid steer grading attachment can be a boon to a landscaper's business, but only if it can perform a multitude of fuctions, says one skid steer loader attachment expert.

Rob Leib, president of Skid Steer Solutions, says it's important to find the right equipment that performs a number of functions, rather than use several different attachments to perform several different functions. He suggests the Grader Rake attachment to landscapers as that landscaping multi-tool.

"Every landscaper has to do a fair amount of grading, raking, and scarifying," said Leib. "There's no point in spending a couple thousand bucks each on three or four different attachments, when they could do it all with just one."

The Grader Rake can grade, rake, level, and scarify the soil, making short work of soil prep. Leib says it's an ideal attachment for anyone who has to prepare land for development, plant grass or sod, pour concrete or asphalt, or even build new homes and buildings.

"The Grader Rake can even handle gnarly, overgrown areas," said Leib. "It's basically a huge steel rake equipped with oversized castors that keep it level. It comes in 82, 92, 97, and 102 inch widths, so there are rake sizes for any acreage or size project."

The forward-facing rake is made to be used on any brand and model of skid steer loader. The rake faces forward so the operator doesn't have to to pilot the skid steer in reverse to get the grading work done.

The Grader Rake is also adept at removing any of the debris found in the soil. It is a very efficient rake, and its heavy duty steel tines will bring up rocks, roots, branches, and other debris that is normally left behind by other attachments, and could interfere with future grading work or even mowing and maintenance later on. This leaves a clean, junk-free soil that is ready for grass or sod, concrete or asphalt.

"We also built it so it has a fully floating hitch mechanism, which allows the whole attachment to move along the contour of the terrain," said Leib. "That means it can manage bumps, dips, and hills, rather than leaving those bumps and dips in place."

As the pros get ready for spring and summer land prep work, whether they're a developer, a landscaper, a groundskeeper, or even a farmer or rancher, the Grader Rake is an effective skid steer attachment for getting everything ready for the season.

Skid Steer Solutions brings to market some of the most innovative skid steer loader attachments on the market today, like the Grader Rake. They build skid steer attachments based on customer feedback and customer ideas, and have introduced a number of unique skid loader attachments to the landscaping and construction industry.