8 Ways Linen Clothing is Better Than Cotton

Linen fabric is environmentally sustainable and easy to wear

Boulder, Colo.- By, Jala Pfaff
Why we believe linen is better than cotton and why we give Linen a Thumbs Up and Cotton a Thumbs Down.
 Moisture wicking properties (Hygroscopy) - Linen absorbs far more water than cotton, which makes it the planet's most comfortable fabric for sleeping (sheets and pajamas) and for clothing on warm or hot days.
 Strength - Linen is much stronger than cotton and more durable.
 Beauty & Elegance - Linen has a beautiful natural sheen that other cellulosic fibers cannot match. Linen clothing has a timelessly elegant appearance.
 Ease of care - Linen washes beautifully, stains naturally release easily, and it may be laundered by hand or in machine washers and dryers.
 Environmentally friendly - Linen's source Flax needs far less water and almost no pesticides to cultivate when compared with cotton even organic cotton. Cotton is a water guzzler. Also, linen fibers are broken down mechanically and do not require chemicals to process.
 Texture - Linen fabric has an incomparable "hand" and it naturally softens more and more with use and laundering. Linen clothing may be worn pressed (press damp with a hot iron) or unpressed (for a look of casually rumpled elegance). The natural variation of the linen yarns (some thicker, some thinner) gives linen fabric its beautiful "inconsistencies.
 Tradition - The history of using flax for human clothing goes back many thousands of years. The oldest piece of fabric found in the Egyptian tombs were Linen and these are still in their fine state at the British Museum.
 Health - Linen is naturally antibacterial, anti-allergenic and naturally helps repel UV rays. It is also naturally anti-static and does not suffer from fabric pilling and has high thermal regulation properties.

So wear linen with pride and it will last a life time with adequate care.

Our beautiful, fair trade clothing is environmentally sustainable and created by handloom weavers of India receiving a life-changing living wage. Our hope is to inspire people to change how they think about clothing and realize that our choices have a real impact on the lives of people around the world. We believe we're not alone in our commitment to become more conscious consumers- that's why we created SLOWCOLOR.

We are committed to preserve the weaving and natural dyeing traditions around the world. Our first partner is a cooperative of handloom weavers in India who are creating elegant linen clothing using centuries-old weaving and natural fabric dyeing techniques.

Our mission is simple. To clothe the world in beauty, health and responsibility.

About Jala
Jala Pfaff, SLOWCOLOR`s Chief Co-Inspiration Officer, has a passion for natural fibers and expertise in natural plant-based dyeing. She is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.