CA Recycling Firms May Pose Danger

The Los Angeles Times recently conducted an investigation on the major increase in metal recycling companies and the hazards they may pose.

The probe found that at least 23 fires and explosions occurred at scrap metal facilities in California in the last three years, according to the LA Times. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health found that at least five people died in workplace accidents and at least 35 experienced serious injuries.

The report also found that over the same three year period, at least 20 other people, including nearby residents and firefighters, needed to have medical treatment for burns, smoke inhalation, or poisonous gas exposure caused by accidents.

The probe found that the companies that often handle hazardous materials and are located in residential areas have little oversight and some are never even inspected. Investigators also found that in some instances, authorities are ill-prepared to deal with emergencies.

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