Safety Alert from ISMP About EpiPen Twin Packs

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) issued a safety note regarding the new EpiPen pack from Mylan Specialty, called EpiPen 2-Paks.

Drug Topics reports that Mylan Specialty used to make individual EpiPens, which are used to treat severe allergic reactions. However, the manufacturer stopped distributing individual EpiPens; they are now only available in a multi-pen packet. The new EpiPen 2-Paks contain two EpiPens and an additional training pen. The training pen has no needle to inject medication, so using it on a patient could potentially endanger a patient’s life.

While it is possible to distinguish between the devices, one expert suggested that these pens should be labeled before storing in automated dispensing cabinets in hospitals so that they can be clearly distinguished from each other and there isn’t any chance of using a training pen for an actual EpiPen.

ISMP stated that Mylan Specialty will work to improve the labeling of the training pen.

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