Study Says Bone Cement Implants May Cause Kidney Injury

A new study raises concern about the risk of serious kidney injury and the use of aminoglycoside-loaded bone cement (ALBC) implants in orthopedic surgery.

Aminoglycosides are antibiotic medications used to treat bacterial infections. The study suggests that bone cement implants loaded with a high dose of these antibiotics may raise a patient’s aminoglycoside serum concentrations and potentially lead to acute kidney injury, according to Drug Topics.

The study notes that while there are reports of acute kidney injury associated with the use of ALBC implants, it is not common practice to monitor for aminoglycoside serum concentrations in patients following orthopedic surgery, Drug Topics reports.

However, the findings of the study suggest the need to measure aminoglycoside concentrations immediately after surgery so that patients who need further monitoring can be identified.

The study appeared in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy and analyzed 17 patients between the ages of 50 and 84 years who were receiving an ALBC implant for hip or knee surgery.

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