Actress THESY SURFACE is HOT...But Margaret McPoyle is NOT

Actress Brings "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Character to Life with a Lick and a Unibrow

Los Angeles, CA - Actress THESY SURFACE (pronounced like "Daisy" with a "T") endures hours in the make-up chair to create the unibrowed, lip-licking, deaf-mute Margaret McPoyle for the hit series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," whose repeats are airing on Comedy Central this summer.

For four seasons, Margaret McPoyle, the sister of the bad boy McPoyles, often finds herself in the thick of things when her brothers cause havoc for `The Gang' (Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney and Danny DeVito).

The new fan favorite Margaret McPoyle will resurface again in the all new season six airing later this fall on FX.

Thesy is excited to return as the `fugly' McPoyle, adding "Working on Sunny is like taking a hike in Cracktown.but a fun Cracktown."

The Chicago-born, but British-raised actress has been building a solid reputation in Hollywood over the last couple years. Her previous credits include appearances on the comedy pilot "86ed," and a series of dark comedy films. She also just shot the feature "Glory Days" about a band that goes on the search for their missing member in Thailand. Up next, Thesy is taking her career a step farther by pitching her own project, a comedy television pilot about a young record executive who tries to resurrect the careers of one-hit wonders, called "Revivals."

And, for all those soccer fans, Thesy is currently video blogging about the World Cup 2010 on her website:

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