TechSmith Brings Sense of Smell to Visual Communications

Users can now capture and save smells, then share them with friends through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

OKEMOS, Michigan - April 1, 2011 - For many years, TechSmith Corporation has been working tirelessly to improve visual communication. While pictures and video have been the main vehicles of visual communication in the past (i.e.: a picture is worth 1,000 words), 2011 brings a new era of communication, which is why TechSmith has turned the page from pictures and video. Today, TechSmith announces a new technology that converts smell into a visual communication platform, named Immersion Sensory Capture (ISC).

Using the Olfactory Sensory Device (OSD), which was prototyped with TechSmith's Makerbot, ISC users will be able to `sniff' the air around an image or video capture. Since smell is such a heightened and important sense, it will provide users with a much greater understanding of the capture they have taken or shared with friends.

"Think about how powerful memories are when they're associated with a certain smell, such as fresh apple pie, a piece of sizzling bacon or fresh cut flowers," said TechSmith president Bill Hamilton. "These smells - captured forever through ISC - will be able to take people back to the exact place and time when something occurred. And because smells captured with ISC do not expire, users can create a catalog of smells to use with any image for added effect."

To use this new program, simply plug the OSD into any USB port (a ThunderBolt connection for iPhone and iPad is under development) and push the red button. The OSD will then sniff the air and convert the molecules into digital format that can be easily reproduced with any ISC extractor module. Users can also share these scents through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

"Think about a classroom full of bored students, who are simply counting down the minutes until they can leave," said Bill Hamilton, president of TechSmith. "Then, the teacher turns on a short video and uses the OSD. Suddenly, the entire classroom begins to smell like cinnamon rolls, which immediately captures the attention of everyone in the room. It makes for a much more engaging learning experience."

TechSmith does caution that ISC is capable of capturing any smell, including those people may not want to experience again. One TechSmith developer, A.J. Orians, mistakenly captured smelly feet during a recent company outing to Impression 5 Science Center, and the entire ISC project had to be shut down for a week while the odor was cleared.

ISC is still in its development phase and a release date has not yet been set. However, once it's available, ISC will work with the entire TechSmith portfolio of visual communication products, including Snagit and Camtasia, and can be easily shared and archived with a account.

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