Why We Chose salesforce.com

It's Important To Choose The Right CRM System For Your Business

In our recent bulletin “5 Reasons Why Your Software Business Needs An Effective CRM System “ we looked at how an effective CRM system can help smaller software businesses to successfully manage the information they have on their growing customer base, helping them to maximise sales opportunities.

Once you have made the decision to invest in a CRM system it is important that you choose the right one for your business to ensure you get the best return on your investment. At Terry Forsey Consulting we use and recommend salesforce.com which is widely regarded as the “world’s number 1 sales application”.

Our decision to invest in salesforce.com was not purely due to the effectiveness of how the system manages our customer information but also the additional capabilities Salesforce offers to enhance our sales and marketing efforts; the ability to integrate with other leading marketing systems, and the ability to access thousands of third party apps. 

The Reasons Behind Our Choice

  • Salesforce.com is a cloud based solution which provides easy access to our CRM system anytime, anywhere from a PC, tablet or desktop. This level of mobile access accommodates the increasing changes we experience in our work /life balance.                                                                                                                                      
  • Seamless integration:
    • Amazing integration with Outlook calendar and emails enables us to automatically add emails to our contact records in salesforce.com and synchronise our diary to manage meetings etc.
    • Salesforce offers the ability to integrate with specialist marketing tools like Constant Contact. Using salesforce.com as the master database Constant Contact will automate synching and uploading of new contacts. The history of any emails sent can be viewed in salesforce.com saving us time and unnecessary duplication.
    • Integrating our LinkedIn account with Salesforce puts a LinkedIn profile directly into our opportunity or account information on salesforce.com. This has enabled us to quickly find new prospects and contacts and link with them.
    • Integrating Salesforce with our website means that every form completed on our website creates an email which is automatically sent into Salesforce to ensure complete account records.                                                                             
  • With the Salesforce  AppExchange you can find and evaluate more than 1,000 apps and services that can be integrated with Salesforce to help and extend your business capabilities.

Options We Are Considering For The Future

Other aspects of salesforce.com that we are interested in exploring in the future as our business grows are:

  • Data.com provides access to millions of high-quality business contacts and in-depth company profiles, all unified within the Sales Cloud. This endless supply of high-quality leads and account data enables you to increase your target list, check against existing data and add updated information.                                                                       
  •  The capabilities for integrating our accounting system, Quickbooks, via the AppExchange 
  • We will also be looking to convert the forms on our website to Salesforce so that they can automatically be added to Salesforce                                                                                                                       

Depending on which salesforce.com version you choose, a different range of features and Apps come as standard or at an additional cost.  For more information visit www.salesforce.com .