September is Animal Remembrance Month


AUSTIN-Sept. 1 marks the beginning of Animal Remembrance Month, which celebrates the lives of pets who have passed away. Pet loss is extremely challenging for any family, so this month is a great time to cherish the impact they've had on our lives. All pet owners have a special relationship with their animals that only they understand. Some have watched their family grow with a pet over the years and may even feel like that a pet is practically part of their family. In some situations, this furry or scaly companion may have even been what got someone through a difficult time or helped save their life.

Through the Memorial Gift Program, the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) gives veterinarians and the public a chance to memorialize patients by making a donation in a pet's name to the Foundation, which helps recognize the value of the human-animal bond. TVMF sends Memorial Gift Cards to let pet owners know that others are thinking about them during that difficult time. It also offers helpful resources on how to cope with this loss. The proceeds of the Memorial Gift Program help fund the efforts of the Foundation including animal research grants, stethoscopes for new veterinary students, scholarships, the Emergency Student Fund and the New Graduate Program.

Whatever the case may be, unfortunately almost everyone has suffered the loss of a pet, whether due to illness, old age or another issue. TVMF's memorial donations are a chance to honor the time pet owners shared with their loved ones.

For more information on how to donate to the Memorial Gift Program, call the TVMF office at 512/452-4224 or visit the Foundation website at You can also donate online or mail in your memorial gifts with printable forms found at

About TVMF
The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation was established in 1978 as a charitable and philanthropic organization. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the health and welfare of animals in Texas and celebrating the human-animal bond through education, public relations, research, fundraising and the development of people in the field of veterinary medicine.