Details of Genesee Brew House Exhibits, Pilot Brewery and Restaurant

Brew House Opens Sept. 8 in Rochester, NY

Exhibit Gallery:
  • Genesee Brewery Interactive Historical Timeline: features film viewers with video footage from post-prohibition when the brewery flung open its doors and was back in business. Also includes a scale model of the brewery grounds, artifacts, photos and an authentic gold leaf painting of the original Genesee campus.
  • Historic 12 Horse Wagon: used to deliver beer from the brewery in the 1930s, the 12 Horse wagon became an iconic image in Genesee beer advertising and on packaging. The exhibit features an exact replica of one of the wagon wheels and an original harness worn by the Belgian Roan horses.
  • Genesee in the Media: showcases Genesee advertising throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s through vintage television screens and radios.
  • Tools of the Trade: highlights the brewmasters who worked at the Genesee Brewery throughout its history. Features a locker filled with vintage brewery uniforms and tools, accompanied by audio from brewery workers describing a typical day at work.
  • Genesee Photobooth: a beer-can shaped photobooth invites visitors to create and capture Brew House memories to take home and share online.
  • How Our Beer is Made: takes people through the step-by-step brewing process, along with stories and samples of the different ingredients that make Genesee Beer.
  • Cans and Bottles: Genesee Beer has undergone several packaging changes throughout the years. This exhibit features the many faces of Genesee cans and bottles.
  • Genesee in Sports: features artifacts from Genesee-sponsored sporting and outdoors events, from fishing tournaments, to bowling and boxing.
  • A Look at Miss Jenny: introduces Genesee’s most iconic and sexiest spokesperson. Her image is known throughout America as one of the earliest examples of females in beer advertising. This exhibit pays tribute to Miss Jenny with artifacts, replicas of her costumes and more.
  • Rochester’s Brewers: an interactive map of the breweries that once existed in Rochester, along with all the breweries that exist as part of Rochester’s brewing renaissance today.
  • Brew FAQ: A touchscreen and audio display allows visitors to see and hear Genesee brewery employees as they explain the brewing process from start to finish, including details about the water used, quality processes and how the beer makes it to your favorite store shelf.
  • Collector’s Corner: will feature vintage Genesee artifacts on loan from collectors throughout the region.

Pilot Brewery:
  • Contains Newlands steam-fired 20-barrel brewing system.
  • The small batch system allows for brewers to create new recipes and experiment.
  • The Brew House will offer three different beers that are exclusive to the Genesee Brew House. The beers will change frequently.
  • Guest brewers will be invited to partner in creating new experimental beers.
  • A tasting bar will feature a flight of four different beers for $2. A portion of proceeds from the tasting bar will benefit various local charities throughout the year. The first recipient will be The Housing Council. The Genesee Brew House is also collaborating with the American Heart Association and the Rochester Public Market on a Community Health Education program.
  • The tasting bar will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily.

Pub-Style Restaurant:
  • Will have 16 taps for the freshest beer in Rochester. Two of the taps will be available for guest brews.
  • The menu includes pub-style fare including: hamburgers, chicken wings, salads, sandwiches and sausage, hot dogs and specialty meat products from Zweigle’s, an Upstate N.Y. favorite. Gourmet sides and an assortment of appetizers round out the menu.
  • An outdoor terrace features seating for 28 people, and a rooftop patio with 49 seats both offer scenic views overlooking High Falls and the Genesee River Gorge.
  • The centerpiece of the pub is a 41-foot long bar, handcrafted by Genesee Brewery employees from vintage cedar brewing tanks that we part of the original brewery campus.
  • Hours of operation: Open daily from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
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