Unilife (NASDAQ: UNIS) and CEO Alan Shortall featured at Fox News

Unilife (NASDAQ: UNIS) and CEO Alan Shortall featured at Fox News

Unilife Corp. (NASDAQ: UNIS; Stock Twits: $UNIS) is a U.S. based developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced drug delivery systems with state-of-the-art facilities in Pennsylvania. The Company was featured in this Fox News report.

"It's my worst fear, in my entire career, to get stuck by a needle," says Nancy Purcell-Holmes, RN.  She was accidentally stuck with a needle while pregnant, spending several months in fear that she would become HIV infected.  About 1,000 health care workers each day are accidentally stuck with needles in the U.S.

"Other nurses that I do know died early in their careers as a result of that needle stick injury.  It's a tragedy that we could stop," says Mary Foley, RN.

Now, the York County company Unilife has a solution.  What looks like an ordinary needle is actually the only one of its kind in the world.  Once the drugs are injected into a patient, the needle automatically retracts, making it impossible for a nurse or other health care worker to accidentally get stuck.  Getting it approved has been a challenge.

"Because a prefilled syringe, in order to get FDA approval, pharmaceutical companies must demonstrate to the FDA that the drug can stay in the syringe for over 2 years," says Alan Shortall, CEO of Unilife Corporation. 

A campaign called 'Safe in Common' is traveling the nation by bus, making a stop in York Tuesday, to enlist health care workers to advocate for better safety standards, such as using a tamper proof syringe like the one invented by Unilife.

Unilife built a new 165,000 square foot building on Cross Farm Lane in Conewago Township to make the syringe and other products.  In the past 2 1/2 years, it increased its staff by 100% each year, now with 170 employees.