Tina Yeager

Beautiful Warrior Frees us from Barriers Imprisoning us in Emptiness and Low Self-Worth

Ever been there? Whispers flood your mind, declaring you're "not enough." Shame, resentment, unresolved anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness can trap anyone. But there is a way out, if you are willing to brave the path to freedom.


In Beautiful Warrior, licensed therapist Tina Yeager leads readers out of these pitfalls to conquer self-defeating patterns which might remain hidden from awareness. Using faith-rooted encouragement, reflective questions, and empowerment application tools, she demonstrates how you can soar over common obstacles that often keep women from healthy self-esteem. Embrace your true identity and fulfill your destiny.


With a faith-centered foundation and therapeutic insights on practical ways to live, you can:


·        Free yourself from ongoing negative patterns.

·        Overcome common obstacles to healthy self-esteem.

·        Deepen awareness and comprehension of Christ-centered identity.

·        Embrace divine esteem and go forth as a heroine equipped to share the empowering truth with others.


Beautiful Warrior empowers you to break free from the insecurity that has you trapped. Pick up your shield and become the divine heroine you were destined to be.


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Advance Praise


“Tina Yeager’s book is a must-read for any woman who has ever struggled with insecurity or self-doubt. Her raw transparency is refreshing, as she shares her personal struggles of knowing her self-worth and believing she’s good enough. From the very beginning of the book, Tina lets you know that we’re all in this battle together, calling us ‘sister warriors,’ as we war against low self-esteem and the constant need for approval. I highly recommend this book. I only wish I’d had this book in my hands twenty years ago. It’s a gamechanger.” - Michelle Medlock Adams, bestselling, award-winning author of more than 80 books


Beautiful Warrior struck chords in me I didn't know existed, teaching me so much about myself … the way I see myself … and the difference in that and how God sees me. Tina Yeager has drawn from a deep, deep well of emotion and truth to remind us who we are at the core of ourselves: daughters of the King.” – Eva Marie Everson, Best-selling author & speaker, President, Word Weavers International.

“I totally get this book. Tina Yeager is on target with her book, Beautiful Warrior, concerning self-esteem issues women struggle to conquer. As a professional speaker and writer, I see women allowing themselves to be attacked with lies, self-doubt, low self-esteem and all of the other issues that follow. To be all that God created us to be, Unloveable offers skills to become our own heroines and be women God created us to be. Become warrior women of God instead of worries in the flesh.” - Jane Jenkins Herlong CSP, CPAE, Award-Winning/Best-Selling Author Bury me with My Pearls, Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops, Professional Motivational Humorist, Speaker Hall of Fame

"Is there any woman anywhere who doesn’t want/need to be reassured of her significance? Her purpose? I’m going to go ahead and give that a big ol’ nope. So it makes perfect sense that Tina Yeager would give us the book, Beautiful Warrior, to help biblically equip women to overcome some of those blasted insecurities that can get in the way of a fruitful life. Getting the focus off a cockeyed self-esteem and getting a 20/20 handle on God esteem? Oh man. This is going to make all the difference!" --Rhonda Rhea, TV personality, humor columnist and author of 14 books including Messy to Meaningful, Fix Her Upper, and the award-winning Turtles in the Road