Like previous years, due to the pleasant weather and attractive climate at Fall months in Iran and also because of limited rooms in Iran.

(TRAVPR.COM) IRAN - August 15th, 2012 - Destination Iran has announced today that it has received several orders for its Iran tour packages of Fall 2012. Spring and Fall months are the high seasons of tourism in Iran. International travelers choose to visit Iran at these two seasons when the harsh hot and cold seasons are over and favorable weather makes traveling pleasant in Iran.

Due to its particular topographic and geographic characteristics, Iran is a country with high mountains and low deserts, dry areas and very humid regions, lakes, seas, and Persian Gulf as well as certain features that has created varied climates in different parts of it and pleasant temperature during Spring and Fall months.

“Like in previous years, the fans of ancient history and culture have begun booking tours to Iran to visit the country at the proper time”, explains Rahman Mehraby, the owner and tour planner at Destination Iran. He adds, “In addition to the wealth of Iranian cultural heritage, this season offers the breathtaking scenery of its valleys, Persian gardens, and a lot more that double the enjoyable experience of the trip.”

Despite its arid and semi-arid areas, Iran has always been famous for its oases and Persian gardens. According to the testimonials of previous travelers to Iran, Those who have traveled to Iran have admitted they had never imagined the country could to be so different from their expectations. The reason is that people usually associate Iran with deserts and very dry countries in the region. However, some of the neighboring countries send tourists to Iran because of its likable weather and natural variety.

Destination Iran gets several orders every year at this time and begins to book the hotels and arrange for the services they require. Due to the high season, it is recommended to place orders before it gets too late so that the limited available rooms in major tourist attracting cities of Iran could be reserved for the applicants. You can find more travel tips to Iran at this company’s website.

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