Killspencer Engaging the Customer with Video

Engaging the Customer with Video

A picture is supposed to be, in some cases, worthy of a thousand words. I can argue the case that some of the better fashion film productions that I have viewed while overseeing Models WebTV have generated discussions many times more than that. The use of engaging video productions by businesses today could be the last step of the puzzle in creating the necessary buzz for promoting a product to an engaged audience as it is launched.

Amanda Dhalla writes in her blog for that "Online video is an ideal medium to tell the stories behind your products and build your brand authenticity" and gives fantastic examples of companies that have utilized video for this benefit. I would like to add a company to this roster. It's name is Killspencer, the brainchild of Los Angeles based industrial designer Spencer Nikosey. The company started with the mission of creating the perfect, waterproof, 100% USA made backpack. My search for such a backpack led me to Spencer's site. His bags are amazing and I plan to purchase one.

What was more inspiring was how Spencer is successfully utilizing fashion the film genre and 'making of' productions to showcase his company, his products and himself.

Ms. Dhalla continues with this; "To maximize exposure and buzz, marketers need to explore other types of video formats that are better suited to that task. One example is a ‘making of’ or ‘behind-the-scenes’ video". I get to know Spencer and his Killspencer brand on a personal level when I watched his very own interview video. His "making of" video gives the prospective buyer an insight on the process of how the bag is made and the materials used to make it.

Now to the exciting part, the videos that I may categorize as fashion films which Spencer created for marketing the vibe of his products and the settings one could only wish to be in when wearing them.