VestPac: The Company Report

Six months in, a detailed look at VestPac's finances, personnel, market position and strategies going forward.

"Six months after launching and one month after its first major trade show, VestPac, Inc., has established a solid foundation of eight retail locations, numerous national industry contacts including sales representatives covering 22 states, and a robust online presence."
So begins a six-page Company Report on VestPac, manufacturer of chest-centered gadget packs with hydration based in Jackson, Wyoming.
"As VestPac pivots from a local business to a national presence, it was important to encapsulate the who, what, when, where and why of our business model for those who may be interested in coming along for the ride," explained inventor and VestPac President Scott Shepherd.
The full Company Report is available for prospective investors, retailers, sales representatives and other industry professionals. Highlights of the report include:
 An Introduction that recounts VestPac's six-month history from the first local craft show to establishing retail locations in multiple states.
 Short bios on all internal personnel and key outside sales representatives.
 Updates on the creation of sales training materials and implementation.
 Details of VestPac's robust online presence from the always improving company Web site at and Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
 An overview of VestPac sales to date and financial details.
 Challenges, opportunities and recommendations for VestPac in the coming months.
The lead paragraph of the report's "Conclusions" section provides a snapshot of the company's outlook.
"VestPac was very well received at ORWM (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market), leaving little doubt there is a place in the market for a chest-centered carrying system for digital tools and other key personal items. One month later, numerous key relationships on nearly every level have begun to take root."
To receive a copy of the VestPac Company Report dated Feb. 25, 2011, e-mail Marketing Manager Brian Siegfried at