VivaKi Nerve Center Launches Audience On DemandT Mobile

Industry's Largest Trading Desk Expands Product Suite

VivaKi’s dedicated R&D entity, the Nerve Center, today announces the launch of Audience On Demand™ Mobile in the UK, following months of aggressive and highly successful beta testing. AOD Mobile is an innovative extension to the Audience On Demand™(AOD) product suite which encompasses display, video and mobile. The addition of AOD Mobile secures AOD’s position as the most comprehensive addressable media capability which aggregates precisely defined audiences from data sources and enables marketers to reach relevant audiences through a digital interface.

“Over the past three years we have built a comprehensive set of Audience on Demand™ products and the extension into mobile now means we are well placed to capture the huge growth in this area” says Marco Bertozzi, EMEA Executive Managing Director for VivaKi Nerve Center. He continues: “All our products, whether covering display, video or mobile are connected and work in synergy, providing powerful insights and delivery. This evolution will continue across all addressable channels, delivering an exciting proposition to our group clients.”

AOD Mobile is a new product that applies the same expertise, trust, access, insights and results synonymous with AOD to the highly complex mobile advertising market.  At its core, AOD Mobile will deliver pin-point audience targeting through data-driven decision in real-time, create pricing efficiencies by eliminating wasted impressions, and streamline the mobile buying and measurement process. AOD has served in excess of 120 billion impressions and services more than 30,000 campaigns across more than 625 advertisers. The product will be leveraged by VivaKi agencies in the UK, which include Starcom MediaVest Group, ZenithOptimedia and Razorfish. The product suite has also been awarded by TARGUSinfo with the first-ever Best in Audience Targeting award in October 2010 and recognized by DoubleVerify as one of the Most Compliant Platforms in March 2011.

Danny Hopwood, Director of Product for AOD says: “The mobile market has seen impressive growth this year and the proliferation of smartphones has made mobile a constant companion for the consumer. We have now reached a point in targeting capabilities, inventory availability and also industry understanding where we can fully leverage the capabilities of AOD to offer opportunities at scale. The mobile market still has some "maturing" to go through and we will continue to push the boundaries and innovate further.”

Geoff Smith, Head of Activation for AOD comments: “AOD Mobile offers our agency brands and clients true audience addressability in mobile advertising for the first time. Using the same real time biddable (RTB) landscape as AOD's display and video campaigns, ensures they only pay the fair market value for each and every ad impression bought. It's this simplicity and the joined up nature of buying across display, video and mobile that now has clients looking to invest in mobile where they may not have done before.”

This announcement follows the news that VivaKi in the US, was a key partner with Google when mobile inventory was launched through Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange in November 2011. AOD Mobile will partner with a number of inventory sources in the UK, including Google’s AdMob.