WETKEYS.com Launches "Hygiene for All" Campaign

New Lower Pricing - Means Everyone Can Afford To Protect Their Health

WETKEYS.com, a leading manufacturer and online retailer of spill-proof and washable computer keyboards, has launched a pre-emptive disease control initiative that includes drastically reduced pricing on its washable and sanitary computer keyboard and mouse products that help computer users protect health and safety.

With the number of cases of H1N1 "Swine Flu" virus now surging past 94,512 worldwide, proper hand hygiene will become more critical than ever as a primary step that each of us can take to protect our safety from this potentially deadly disease. Studies show H1N1 appears to be more easily transmittable on contact surfaces, such as shared computer keyboards, than it is through the air. An increasing body of research linking viral and bacterial outbreaks directly to dirty, contaminated keyboards indicates a genuine need for widespread use of cleanable computer keyboards and mice, anywhere they are used, not limited to hospitals and medical offices.

"In order to avoid becoming ill with H1N1 flu, everyone will need to wash their hands more frequently and get used to a new routine of washing their computer keyboard. WETKEYS washable computer keyboards are sealed and can be washed in the sink with soap and water to reduce germs - just as you do your hands. We feel it's so important for the health and safety of everyone this year that we've lowered our prices an average of 25% to make it affordable for all," said Paul Lawrence, WETKEYS director of design and marketing. "Our medical-grade keyboards and mice now start at only $27.99, less than the cost of most ordinary (unsanitary) keyboards. It's the foundation of our `Hygiene For All' campaign: To reduce the spread of illness and disease for All."

"In order to make the new low pricing possible, we streamlined our operations to offer superior quality waterproof keyboards and other washable computer accessories at prices that allow every computer user to protect themselves," said David Malo, WETKEYS chief operating officer. "There's never been a better time to buy them than now."

WETKEYS washable keyboards and other products are:
- Easy to Clean and Disinfect
- Spill & Food-proof
- Sealed to Prevent Internal Damage and Contamination
- Priced the Same as or Less than Ordinary Keyboards