Whistler Readers and Writers Festival, Oct 14-16, celebrates Lit Grit by giving away books via twitter, facebook and blog

There's an anniversary coming up that the Vicious Circle would like you to know about - ("all the better for you to join in the festivities, my dears," to paraphase a certain literary superstar otherwise known as the BigBadWolf). And it's less than 30 days away.

The anniversary is the tenth (shout it, TENTH!) anniversary of the Whistler Readers & Writers Festival. No mean feat, let's face it, in a town in which kids are more likely to be ski racers and Olympians than Spelling Bee champions.

To celebrate, the Festival producers have announced a luminescent (heavy-on-the-glow-in-the-dark-star-power) line-up of guest authors - including Miriam Toews (A Complicated Kindness, The Flying Troutmans, Irma Voth) and Wayne Johnston (The Navigator of New York, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, A World Elswhere.)

Sarah Selecky (This Cake is for the Party) Whistler's newly installed writer-in-residence is also getting caught in the giddy vibe caused by this fall marriage of words and Whistler. (Her twitter feed is an exuberant discovery of Whistler's delights: cinnamon bears! Aussies everywhere! Follow @sarahselecky for more.)

Even the publishers are getting into the act, which is how the Vicious Circle comes to have three copies of Randy Boyagoda's new novel, Beggar's Feast to give away.

To win your very own copy of Beggar's Feast, which Mr Boyadoga will no doubt sign personally for you when he arrives for the festival, you can:

1. Retweet this release about the Great Word-Nerdy 30 Day Countdown Online Giveaway, and be sure to mention @whistlerwriters. OR
2. Share one of the 30 Day Countdown treasures via facebook. Visit for the daily countdown, that is appearing as a virtual trail of delightful literary crumbs designed to lead you closer and closer to October 14's Festival kick-off. OR
3. Submit a blog post of between 100 and 500 words on the topic of "grit" and what it means to you. (Send your submissions to

October 1 is your deadline to enter!

In the meantime, and unusually for Whistler, advance ticket sales are moving fast. So, do get cracking. Download the program and buy tickets online via

Randy Boyagoda, a professor of American Studies at Ryerson University, is the author of Governor of the Northern Province (2006) and Beggar's Feast (20110, the story of Sam Kandy, a tin-pot tyrant born to bad luck and low prospects in a remote Ceylon village in 1899.

Boyagoda is one of 18 authors featured in the 10th Whistler Readers and Writers Festival, October 14-16 2011.

He'll be taking part in three panel discussions on Saturday, including, Why Fiction Matters, Where Does the Truth Lie (Fiction and Non Fiction Square Off), and What Makes a Book Last or Fade Fast (Art, Literature and Self-Publishing.) Events are taking place at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre, Whistler Public Library, Aava Hotel, Maxx Fish and The Point.

For the full program, visit:

The Vicious Circle (Whistler Writers Group) - Stella Harvey, Tel: 604 932 4518,