6 Best Practices in Digital Media Advertising

Check out the six (6) best practices we offer to help you be successful in using digital media for your retail store.

Now that the future of retail is on digital media and consumer engagement, what's a marketer or business owner to do in order to make sure technology is working for your favor? Check out the six (6) best practices we offer to help you be successful in using digital media for your retail store.

Choose the prime location for your Retail Screen Displays
Understand consumer behavior so as to pick the right location or spot for your digital retail signage. It can be placed at the actual shopping stand where the products gets into the shopper's basket. Some also consider placing it behind the sales counter where people are trying to waste waiting time. It promotes brand awareness, and presents an opportunity to sell specials. Also, take note of the incoming flow of your target customers and how they interact with your displays. Mounting considerations, ceiling, height and other location variables should be taken into consideration by the installers.

Less is more in Digital Signage Advertising
When it comes to digital media, particularly digital retail signage, experience has shown that less is more. Shorter ad length is more ef?cient in retail. Digital signage calls for really short, straightforward messages of anywhere from three to 15 seconds. One has to get the message across quickly since the customer is already in-tuned with the purchase process.

Utilise the Dwell Strategy
Through your in-store cameras, gather information on shopper behavior inside your store. You can also use technology tools such as heat maps to determine which areas people tend to linger in and which ones they breeze right through. This way, you have an idea on where to strategically place your digital signage materials, as well as how to vary your content strategy at particular times of the day (dayparting).

Avoid audio in retail stores
Retail stores poses a great challenge in minimising audio noise, so it is advisable to refrain from having audio in your digital display advertisements.

Use only “filler content” that can move products
Not all shoppers want to be informed on weather conditions, or the latest news while doing their grocery shopping. So make sure your “fillers” are not only relevant to the product of interest, but will actually push the products to move. Putting on unnecessary filler content can cause your shoppers to tune out of your display ads.

Go for a centralised content management system for Digital Media
To be able to update your digital media channels from one centralised system, SCT has introduced the Blocks digital signage software. This allows for a seamless update on all your digital retail screens from one place.  Having a partner that is easy to work with is important and central management can make this process a breeze. With centrally-managed digital signage solutions, one can quickly make changes and solve issues before your brand gets affected.

Blocks has created a digital media and digital signage solution for dynamic, client-managed content creation with multi-channel distribution — a world-first for retail.

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