Do You Need Custom Fit Golf Clubs?

Custom fit golf clubs are specially designed golf clubs that cure the deficiencies of your golf swing.

Golfers of all shapes and sizes visit the hotel resorts in Arizona for an exhilarating golf experience. Looking at the golf courses, you can observe how everyone has different height, strength, athletic ability and swing speed. So how come almost everyone is using the same standard-sized golf clubs?

In golf, it is important to play with clubs that fit your physique and skills. Off the rack golf clubs may offer some choices, but the variations are very limited and not really enough to address the needs of everyone. There are 13 important specifications in a golf club that can tremendously improve your game. A mass produced golf club cannot possibly address all of it for you, which is why some golfers invest in custom fit golf clubs.

Custom fit golf clubs are specially designed golf clubs that cure the deficiencies of your golf swing. When you go to a club fitting, they will adjust the clubs according to your height, arm length, hand size, swing shape and swing tempo. You can also choose your clubhead to get the right forgiveness for your abilities. A custom fit golf club can help improve consistency, distance, and accuracy on your swing.

However, custom fit golf clubs are not for all. At least, not yet. First, you have to determine if what you need is a new set of golf clubs or more golf lessons. It boils down to the question whether you can repeat your swing or not. If your swing has different flight patterns, then maybe you are not yet ready for a custom fit golf club. But if you can repeat your swing and can point out your swing problems, then go get fitted. Custom fit golf clubs can definitely improve your success rate on the golf course.

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