YoCrunch Celebrates Leap Day!

Extra Day, Extra Fun Deal!

An Extra Day to Top Off February

If you think about it, the year 2012 is a lot like YoCrunch. It has an extra day to top it off and set it apart from the rest – Leap Day on February 29th.

Leap Day got us thinking – what if there was an extra day every year, when you got to do anything and everything you wanted? What would you do?

For us, it’s all about family time. Other things we’d love to do, and maybe you would too:

  • Explore an area of town you’ve never been to before
  • Take time to cook that recipe you’ve always wanted to try
  • Learn how to play a song on the piano or guitar
  • Re-charge your batteries by meditating


One more reason Leap Day is extra special

30 days has September,

April June and November.

All the rest have 31,

But February is more fun.


This year it’s got an extra date,

A twenty ninth to celebrate.

Leap Day brings a special deal,

29 cents off cups – for real!

YoCrunch is celebrating Leap Day 2012 with a deal that will have you leaping for joy! Head to YoCrunch.com on February 29th to get 29 cents off all YoCrunch cups .Just print once to get four coupons you can use. Share the savings with your readers today; don't wait until 2016 to get a discount this sweet again!