Zeal Optics Introduces Three New Recycled Nylon Frames

February 9, 2009 (Boulder, Colo.) - Zeal Optics, creating the finest and latest in eyewear innovations over the years, adds three frame styles constructed of up to 30% recycled nylon. The Tenacity, Fuzion and Sustain are fresh new styles featuring Zeal's exclusive ZB-13 polarized lens, offering the all day versatility. These new styles bring function, design and a pioneering effort into the use of recycled materials use in eyewear.

"Our lenses technology simplifies your eyewear choice, simplifies your uses of eye protection," explains Michael T. Jackson, owner and designer of Zeal Optics. "Not only less of a hassle for users but less waste in the long run."

With these recycled nylon additions this year Zeal expands its presentation of sustainable eyewear choices utilizing recycled plastics in six frames in addition to goggles straps and carrying cases that Zeal has been doing for the past eight years. The ZB-13 polarized lenses offer "one lens maximum versatility," not only the enhanced vision, but also eliminate the need for multiple lenses - less waste, clutter and impact on the earth.

Recycled nylon choices are available in three frame styles the Tenaciy (medium), Fuzion (small-medium) and Sustain (women's small face fit.) The women's Sustain offers a true polarized sport choice made for and designed by a woman. The Tenacity and Fuzion are both versatile full coverage sport frames meeting any demands of the trail, slopes or road.

MSRP: $130
Colors: matte black, matte wood stripe, caramel gold

MSRP: $110
Colors: wood-organic green, matte black, shiny wood stripe, caramel gold row brown

MSRP: $99.99
Colors: chunky demi tortoise, gold grain, lacquer black or fuchsia